How to go through the Bootcamp

Howdy Bootcamper!

I want to explain briefly how this course works so you can get the most out of every lesson.

As you know this Bootcamp contains a total of 6 Modules. After you sign-up, each Module will be made available to every week until they are all released. Then you have full access, forever!

Each Module has within it 5 lessons. These are your "daily" tasks. Now, you do not have to do them daily but you do have to do them in order!

Each lesson includes:

  1. Your video lesson
  2. Resources
  3. Examples
  4. And the assignment (aka ACTION STEP) itself.

You also receive a 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp Workbook to help you work through the lessons...because remember, the goal of this Bootcamp is to get you to TAKE ACTION!

You will be able to download the Bootcamp Module (or use it as an editable PDF) in the files section of the first lesson of each Module.

Module 1: How to Build Your Blog is released December 5th so mark your calendars and get ready!