What to Expect

Welcome to the 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp!

My goal is to run you through this powerful blogging bootcamp where you will have finished blog posts you can publish, a solid understanding of what your readers want to see on your blog, how to get your content “found” along and mot importantly, the confidence to become an authority on your blogging topic.

Now, before you dive right in I want you to be really clear on what to expect and how you can make the most out of bootcamp.

The first Bootcamp module will be released December 5th, and after the you will be able to gain access to Module 2 through 6 a week apart. I wanted to space them out to ensure you have enough time and space to complete the assignments contained.

You will receive an email notification letting you know when the module is available and you can access the course and its content at any time by logging in with the email and password you used to sign-up.

There are some things you can do to ensure that you make the most out of Bootcamp.

Get your head (and blog) in the game

This means prepare yourself to commit the amount of time necessary to the Bootcamp.

  • Complete the Modules and assignments in order. Every module and the assignments within them build on one another. Don't jump ahead - complete each assignment before moving on, even if it is taking you longer than you would like. Your patience will pay off!

  • Block out your 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp time in your calendar. Know when you will be working on bootcamp and your blog stuff and make it a non-negotiable. It can be after work or first thing in the morning but having a consistent time set helps you get in a routine and mind frame. Not to mention that if you don't schedule it out, it often doesn't happen.
  • Minimize distractions when you are working on Bootcamp assignments. I personally use the app Self Control. Yes, I realize how ridiculous it sounds that I need an app called Self Control...but I got one word for you. Facebook. This app restricts your access to specific web pages and I'll tell you - just taking the ability to check Facebook off the table helps my uninterrupted productivity immensely.

Set up your virtual office

In the files section, read the "How to Set-up Your Virtual Office" PDF. It goes over the tools I recommend you set-up and use to help maximize your time and efforts online. It shows you all the technical stuff to get you set-up for online success!

Here are some highlights:

  • Use a program like 1Password to save and store all your passwords. There's nothing that derails me like having to reset my password when I want to log in to write a blog post. Collect all your passwords in one safe place, keep your accounts protected and your sanity from trying to remember all your different password variations!
  • Create a folder (I recommend Google Drive) to save all of your Bootcamp assignments, homework and other work for easy access and organization. Keep all your Bootcamp documents in one easy to find place.

The Bootcamp itself

Listen, Bootcamp is going to get hard at times. You are going to find some assignments challenging, you are going to wish there were less assignments and that you had more time in the day. What I recommend is to first: pay attention to the assignments that you find challenging. These are going to be where the break-throughs happen, trust me. And they might be in the seemingly boring ones (hint: see the write your bio assignment).

Join the 30 Day Blogging Bootcamp Private Facebook Group

This group is for the Bootcampers. Here we share our blogs, exchange advice, ask questions and support one another. I actively moderate it from Monday - Friday during the Bootcamp and it's a GREAT group!