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How to set-up your blog in Weebly

Weebly is a powerful website builder that offers lovely themes and a drag and drop editor to help you design your website. And all for free - with the option of upgrading your account for additional functionality. If you decide to create a website using Weebly you will notice that your "blog"...


How to set-up your blog in Wordpress

When you create a Wordpress website you will notice that there isn't a "blog" section already created. In addition to building out your menus, pages and widgets you will also need to add your blog. Remember, your blog is where you house all of your blog posts - often listed in chronological...


DIY Website Guide

Okay, so we all know by now that if we want to do pretty much anything - we will need a website. It's the ultimate bit of social proof, because if someone has a website they are totally legit. Insert eye roll here. But the point is, people want to see that a business or person they are dealing...


3 Resources for Adding Images to Your Blog

The internet used to be the Wild West for images. Grab an image you like and post away! Nowadays we are a bit more understanding about copyright violations and want to ensure that the images we use on our blog, website and social media we have proper permission for. Stock images (like...